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Snailscape Chat - HELP WANTED!

How to join our team

Snailscape Chat aims to provide a retro styled replacement service for the chat rooms of old (MSN Chat, Yahoo! Chat, AOL Chat, and so on) including some old and new features from those services. However, we can't aim to do this at our current state.

Our current team consists of two people: Floobby and deathlife23. Floobby assists in development of the service and maintenance and administration of the chat servers, while deathlife23 maintains the web servers and administrates the chat service. While we are doing a good job at our positions, we don't have all the time in the world to efficiently perform our jobs. That's why we're seeking new "employees", so to speak.

To clarify, we're looking for people that have enough time to volunteer for our service as one or more of the following:

  • IRC administrators that have experience with UnrealIRCd and Linux

  • Linux web server administrators

  • Web developers that specialize in PHP, HTML4, pre-HTML5 JavaScript, Python, and/or Perl

  • People with experience in MySQL

We're looking for these specific people to accomplish the planned features we list on our home page (and if you don't know what we do already, then best you check the home page for that, too ;). Not only for the features we plan to implement, but also to improve the Snailscape Chat site and the chat service in general, inside and out, while keeping the compatibility with old browsers that we advertise. :)

How to join

If you're considering to persistently volunteer for Snailscape Chat, then all you have to do is e-mail us at admin@snailscape.com with a decent resumé detailing the technologies you specialize in, the experience you've had with them, and a portfolio of your work. This is a big must in order to be considered for the job, as we need to get a basic understanding of your expertise before we hire you. After a period of review, we will possibly hire you for the job, and the rest is obvious. :p

What are you waiting for? E-mail us to get hired!

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